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QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 Has Arrived! Here Is What to Expect

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QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 for the desktop is here! This release contains a number of new features as well as improvements to existing ones.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: Affordable, Powerful, Flexible

Financial accounting software doesn't have to be confusing and costly. That's why we built QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, flexible accounting software that can grow with your business while providing all the tools you need to organize your books, track sales, and better understand business data through customized reports. Switching to Enterprise is straightforward and thanks to QuickBooks' over 20-year history, finding trained and qualified accounting staff who've already mastered QuickBooks is a breeze.

Specialized editions designed to fit your industry

Your industry is highly specialized, and so is Enterprise. With editions dedicated to contractor, manufacturing and wholesale, nonprofit, retail, and professional services, we've tailored Enterprise to work for your industry. Each offers customized capabilities, reports, and features designed exclusively for your company type. Enterprise adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Manage and set user permissions for up to 30 users

Enterprise scales with your business's growth, supporting from 1 up to 30 individual users. Multiple users can work simultaneously, and 14 predefined user roles help you get new users up and running quickly. Individual user permissions can also be set, letting you control access to sensitive information.

Built to support growing businesses like yours

You can track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, inventory items, and more — Enterprise can handle more than 6 times as many records as any other QuickBooks product.

QuickBooks Priority Circle gives you personalized guidance and support with no extra charge

Our free loyalty program sets you up with a Customer Success Manager who will connect you with our experts to help make moving to Enterprise a breeze. Your Customer Success Manager will partner with you to understand your needs, help you choose the right products for your business, refer you to our best onboarding specialists to get you up and running quickly, and move you to the front of the line when you need support. 

Access anytime, anywhere, on any device

With our Enterprise with Hosting, everything's stored securely in the cloud. Your entire team works with the same information simultaneously, wherever they are, and from whatever devices they use, including Mac.

Visualize financial data the way that makes sense for you

Discover untapped insights into how your business is running with our all-new Advanced Reporting and build any type of report you need. Combine files from multiple companies and create even more custom reports using ODBC-compliant applications. It's our most customizable QuickBooks reporting tool ever, and it's included in your subscription to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Exclusive functionality for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Need more power? Extra features are available, exclusively for Enterprise customers. Advanced Pricing lets you control, customize, and automate pricing changes, and Advanced Inventory lets you track your inventory directly from QuickBooks. Both are included in the Platinum subscription.

New and improved features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2018:

  • Send sales orders to mobile inventory scanners (New 2018)
  • Fulfill sales orders faster with a new picking process (New 2018)
  • Create customized pick-lists to be completed by warehouse workers across multiple locations (New 2018)
  • Check on sales order status real time (Improved 2018)
  • Customized inventory reports
  • Get your work done significantly faster with multiple windows open across multiple monitors (New 2018)
  • Improved Multi-User Experience (New 2017)
  • Smart Search (New 2017)
  • Reports Filters (New 2017)
  • Automated Reports in Single User Mode (Improved 2017)
  • Remind Users of Undeposited Funds (Improved 2017)
  • Deleted User Names Continue to Appear in Audit Reports (Improved 2017)
  • Vendor and Customer Type Filter (Improved 2017)
  • Improved Security (Improved 2017)